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Western Inspections has 45 years of experience in the Insurance Industry with a concentration in the Loss Control and Replacement Cost Appraisal fields. We recently added a variety of Ergonomic Consulting services including workplace evaluation and workplace educational seminars.

We are qualified to do a variety of inspections and loss control work from basic inspections to high value dwellings. The professionals at Western Inspections have the highest level of experience, knowledge, and education offered in the industry.

Your clientele’s privacy and security are of great importance to us. We routinely work in the homes of America’s most famous families as well as large commercial and industrial firms. Our confidentiality and ethical standards have never been compromised.

You will find our timely service and cost per inspection to be among the most competitive in the industry. Our high standards do NOT fluctuate. Western Inspections understands the importance of detail and accuracy and we look forward to serving you.

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